About Me

I have always considered myself an artist. My mom will tell you I’ve been drawing since I was two. I went to college and majored in photography, promptly disregarding my degree as soon as I graduated.

Instead, I moved in with my boyfriend and worked in retail while he attended law school. I was quickly promoted within my store, becoming manager just before I tied the knot.

Having thus solidified my place as the breadwinner in the house, I decided to stay on and commute when my husband got a temporary job out of town. It was during these two to three hours on the road per day that I decided to start writing. I was miserable and writing became a way for me to think while waiting for traffic to inch itself along.

I realized that I enjoyed writing far more than any other artistic endeavor. Though it was hard for me, I felt better every time I wrote a clever scene.

Anywho, after that lost year of nothing but driving, my husband landed a great job in our hometown and we moved back to be near family. I was able to transfer my position to another store and we subsequently moved three blocks from work so that I could walk.

Life was suddenly awesome! We bought our first home about six months later and had our first baby, a little girl.

I am  still writing, but the process is mighty slow. I am fortunate enough to be able to stay home with my daughter, but her needs have pushed my writing career into small blocks of time (when she’s napping).

My only regret is that I wish I found my love of writing sooner, so that I could have started earlier in life and perhaps even gone to college for it. Hindsight being twenty-twenty, it don’t matter now, but I look forward to learning more and perhaps even publishing.


April 27, 2015

*I thought I’d add a little update to this page. Everything above is still valid, but now we’re adding a son into the mix. He’s due in June, and we’re very excited to meet him! My daughter is now 2 1/2 and running a-muck–as most toddlers do–but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve learned a lot since I started this blog 2 years ago. My technique has improved, and I’ve even had small bits of success on the publication front. I am currently working on two novels, but right now my love is flash fiction.

family 5x7 christmas eve 2015.jpg
my brood



11 thoughts on “About Me

    1. hi! thanks for the interest in my art, but since my blog is only a day old i don’t want to confuse the content and purpose of my blog. maybe after i’m a little more established i’ll be able to post non-blog related things! take care 🙂

  1. Hello now you have baby no. Two and even less time to write so i thought I’d leave a few tips to help…
    1. Note book in knickers
    2. pencil in bra (warmth may make the ink in a pen leak)
    3. Sweet sucky stuff in childrens mouths
    4.Bum on toilet seat
    5. foot on door
    6. pencil and pad retrieved
    7. Cottonwool in ears to block the call of mummeee coming through the door.
    8. Watch to time yourself.
    9. Write for ten minutes.
    10. Pee before leaving as you wont get another chance until your next ten minute escape.
    11. Schedule it in every two hours and any impromptu nap time.
    You will have a novel before you know it.
    Don’t thank me it was a pleasure…

    1. Ha! Some great advice here. The only problem is that I can’t lock the infant out with the toddler. She’d probably squish him. (Sorry not to respond sooner, I didn’t realize this comment was here.)
      I hope you had a nice Christmas!

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