About Me

I grew up and still live in Virginia. A lovely state with unpredictable weather and the ability to turn a nice hair day into a nightmare at any given moment.

I went to college, but I don’t use my degree. After working in retail for a few years, I gave it up. Now, I work daily at turning two small humans into decent members of society.

My writing spans from microfiction to novels. While the genres of my short stories vary depending on my mood, my novels are typically fantasy or soft scifi. (No, I don’t have any novels published, presently, but I’m working on it.)

My office is my sactuary, but I’ll write at the kitchen table if I have to. In addition to having kids, I also have one dog and two cats…oh, and a husband.

I love sharks, petally flowers like roses and peonies, whisky, and all shades of purple.

Thank you for stopping by. Tell me a little about yourself!



11 thoughts on “About Me

    1. hi! thanks for the interest in my art, but since my blog is only a day old i don’t want to confuse the content and purpose of my blog. maybe after i’m a little more established i’ll be able to post non-blog related things! take care 🙂

  1. Hello now you have baby no. Two and even less time to write so i thought I’d leave a few tips to help…
    1. Note book in knickers
    2. pencil in bra (warmth may make the ink in a pen leak)
    3. Sweet sucky stuff in childrens mouths
    4.Bum on toilet seat
    5. foot on door
    6. pencil and pad retrieved
    7. Cottonwool in ears to block the call of mummeee coming through the door.
    8. Watch to time yourself.
    9. Write for ten minutes.
    10. Pee before leaving as you wont get another chance until your next ten minute escape.
    11. Schedule it in every two hours and any impromptu nap time.
    You will have a novel before you know it.
    Don’t thank me it was a pleasure…

    1. Ha! Some great advice here. The only problem is that I can’t lock the infant out with the toddler. She’d probably squish him. (Sorry not to respond sooner, I didn’t realize this comment was here.)
      I hope you had a nice Christmas!

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