Published Works

Thanks so much for visiting! Below, I’ve included links to my various published works. All are short stories. Please enjoy!

Refining Sylver: Channillo, Sept.-Dec., 2016. Sylver is a werewolf who’s more into tweeting than howling, but when she’s framed for her sister’s murder, she can no longer ignore her legendary heritage.

#Werewolf included in 101 Words’ first anthology, Flash Fiction Magazine, March, 2016.

Blood and Oil A man duels a robot over the love of a cyborg in an old-fashioned western showdown.

Pegaea’s Blessing An elderly woman seeks illusive water nymph.

The Thaw A mother looks for hope while watching over her son’s illness.

Biting Waters: Reader’s Carnival, May, 2015. The devil calls and a sea captain must choose between saving his soul or the lives of his crew.

What’s in a Name New father laments his own absurd name while wrestling over the future of his newborn son.

Chapter Excerpt: The One-Eyed King Don’t trust strangers. Penny learns the hard way. (PDF can be downloaded for free.)

Seedy: Reader’s Carnival, March, 2015. Ex-con pulled back into the underworld by medical malpractice.

Reindeer Games: Reader’s Carnival, December, 2014. Meet Toboggan, the newest member of Santa’s team.

Boogie Bastard: Making a living in the world of ghouls ain’t easy, especially when your famous father denies you your family name.

*You can also find my work on such websites as Paragraph Planet and 101 Words.


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