Friday Fictioneers-A Child’s Poem

I found this week’s prompt to be especially playful. I’m not prone to poetry, but that’s what was inspired by this week’s image. I hope you enjoy:)

Imagecopyright by el appleby

My parents asked me one day,

what I’d really like to do.

I told them most emphatically,

Take me to the Zoo!


Where I can see the eagle’s head,

bald as all can be.

Feed the llamas from my hand

and watch the antelope’s spree.


I want to see the tiger

as he goes along his prowl.

Carefully watching zebra

and listening to his growl.


Where I can watch the zookeeper

wash the elephant’s back.

And visit strange Australia,

hopping the kangaroo’s track.


Please oh please I tell you

where I’d really like to go.

The zoo of course dear family,

It’s a never-ending show.


105 words


27 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers-A Child’s Poem

    1. thanks, i want to be a writer so i’m thinking about putting this away and working on a children’s book later. i like to draw so i think it has some fun possibilities. 🙂

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