Friday Fictioneers

Imagephoto by john nixon

I finally made it! The words echoed in Roger’s mind, mocking him.

His agent had called that morning with a last minute opportunity. They needed an extra for a movie being shot downtown.

He’d skipped showering and breakfast, calling his mother from the car. “This is my chance, Mom. I finally got my foot in the door.”

Roger blushed. The camera would never even see his face. He heard the other actors speaking over his purple, plaid butt, which would one day fill the silver screen.

He sighed, laughing at himself. My ass finally made it.


19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers

  1. From small beginnings… well maybe it’s not that small but I’m sure it will lead to greater things. He sounds cool about it anyway. Nice work.

  2. Dear E. E.

    My son once got a part as an extra in a UCLA movie. He was a corpse rolled up in a carpet. Only his feet were visible. Your story put me in mind of that.

    Well written and fun to read.



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